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I am a TATTOO Artist in Las Vegas, NV. Call: 702-556-0691 with any questions. I am by appointment only so please call: 702-556-0691 to make your appointment ahead of time. Thank you! Follow me on TWITTER: http://twitter.com/#!/TATTOO_By_Randy ALSO make sure you click on the "OLDER POSTS" down below the last photo, to see even MORE of my tattoo work on this page. (it just takes you to the next page)


One of the TATTOO sleeves that I did on one of my clients was pictured on TMZ.com!!!! He was part of the new Michael Jackson movie shoot called, "Hold My Hand". It's a whole movie for MJ and since the whole sleeve was all dedicated to Michael Jackson they shot a couple pictures of his arm and put them on TMZ! Copy and paste this link in your browser to see the TATTOO I did! http://photos.tmz.com/galleries/hold_my_hand_music_video_shoot#tab=most_recent&id=81548
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